About Us

Super Future Brand designed by Dovid Ben Yehuda is a leader in custom printed apparel for men and women.

We are a streetwear company that manufactures custom printed apparel and accessories. Duffel bags, backpacks, socks, sneakers, pullover hoodies, zip hoodies, joggers, shirts, skirts, t-shirt dresses all limited additions that are custom made to order.

We offer the widest selection of the largest range of custom printed apparel designs that is unique for you to choose that is fitting for you and your personality that will look and attract all the great people who are winners who will understand you by wearing Dovid Ben Yehuda designed apparel and accessories. 

Imagine who you are and become the person you want to be and look you want to have to be yourself. It is like you went to a match maker for your essence by choosing the clothes that is your syce and it is your statement that who you are and it attracts the one to you that understands you and without question will fall in love with the real you.

Wearing Super Future Brand designed by Dovid Ben Yehuda will help you meet the soulmate of your dreams.

Live, work, play in Super Future Brand printed apparel designed by Dovid Ben Yehuda and let us fulfil only what you dreamed of before you choose our designer apparel.